Future of Fragsurf modding

Fragsurf’s modding features have historically been unreliable and/or difficult ever since we launched into early access. There was inconsistency in file format and a lot of changes made in the codebase that made some workshop items stop working.

Upcoming Changes

Going forward, Fragsurf will stick to one way of doing things and make sure future updates don’t break maps and mods. It’s important for players to know that any map on the workshop is going to load properly, and for modders to know their creations are always going to work.

Getting Unity set up for making maps was a roadblock for many people. The new modding toolkit is being designed to make the install & setup process incredibly easy. It’s important for modding to be accessible to everybody who wants to use it.

The new modding toolkit comes with its own CSG based level editor. This level editor is designed to work like Hammer Editor in many ways, but with a much improved and modernized workflow.

Playtesting your creations is quick and easy. The modding toolkit will come with the actual binaries of Fragsurf itself so when you press play to test your map, you’re actually playing Fragsurf and not a re-creation of the movement. Pressing play will spawn a server on your map, connect to it, and load up a sandbox/testing gamemode to perfectly simulate live gameplay.

The new modding toolkit also comes with scripting. Scripts are created in C# and are sandboxed to prevent malicious intent. Scripting will give you access to most of Fragsurf’s API and allow you to manipulate the map and gameplay in creative ways.

Extended Modding

Later on the new modding toolkit will be extended to create full-blown mods which can be installed to dedicated servers or played locally. This will allow for custom gamemodes like deathrun or mini games.

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