Settings & console

The settings menu is getting a huge upgrade in terms of functionality. Visually, it looks more like a tool, and this can be improved later on if necessary but I kinda like how it is now.

Whenever you adjust a setting it will queue up the command and let you know what’s going to change. You can then press save to apply, or cancel to revert.

There is now a color picker for settings using the color type, like the crosshair.

The new settings menu is dynamic. When you join a server all of the server’s variables will be exposed and can easily be viewed or changed. This includes custom variables for whatever gamemode you are currently playing, so for example the tricksurf gamemode might have a color setting for zone outlines. Or in this example, the mapping gamemode has a toggle to show triggers.

Everything is in sync with the console, and the new console has an improved autocomplete that can be navigated with up/down arrows. Pressing tab will cycle through your command history.

And finally, there was an annoying bug I struggled to fix in the past that didn’t use your saved resolution and screen mode when starting up Fragsurf, happy to report that it is fixed. The resolution dropdown also shows the correct resolution.