Suggestions for the next update

these are some suggestions for the next update:

  • ghosts, like fake players that show your personal best, and the world record (for speedrun)
  • level stats (stats that show how many objects are in a level, ect.)
  • something that shows your PB under your current time (for speedrun)
  • a hotkey menu or something like it
  • different cursors or pointers
  • an option to hide all of the GUI
  • a “restart from checkpoint” thing (for speedrun)
  • edit: add different sub gamemodes for speedrun mode like maybe an A-only or a backwards
  • edit: maybe add a level editor section for the forums, (idk if it’d be needed tho)

that’s all I have for now, have a good day!

Hey, I’ll address a few:

  1. Ghosts are implemented in the new update, every run in the leaderboard will have a replay to go with it.
  2. Level stats - not sure what you mean exactly, what type of objects are we talking here?
  3. Level editor section - nice idea. Modding is too general, it will be good to put more focus on simply just level editing
  4. Speedrun styles - everything is set up for it, I just need to fix up how style is detected as you strafe around

The others are geared towards ux which I am putting a lot of focus into for the next update as well. Thanks for the suggestions!

your welcome, glad to hear that you’re going to be adding most or all of these things super hyped now!

ok so what I meant by level stats is like maybe if you hover your mouse over a workshop level for a bit a little box appears that tells you how many objects (like platforms and slopes) the object has and maybe other stats, here’s an example picture (I editing in a cursor b/c steam didn’t capture my cursor):

and that’s it for now

edit: after posting I realized that it’s hard to see the object count just know that it says “5023 objects” inside that little box. The change may be really small but it could be a cool touch

another edit: just came up with a new idea, can you make savestates for speedrun (for practicing, and they’ll rest ur time on use), if you already have these then tell me how to use them

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Neat idea. It’s not yet implemented, but shouldn’t be too difficult to do!

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