What's the point of disabling the editor?

I don’t know much about unity and the scripts in this game but why did you disable the editor if you’re making a new one, can’t you disable the editor right before you release the next update?
also is the editor going to be in unity, if so I would rather have a stand alone editor.

There’s trade-offs in using either Unity or creating a custom level editor. Getting Unity set up isn’t always easy but once it’s all said and done it’s very powerful and gives access to do basically anything.

Creating a custom standalone level editor is an incredible challenge if it’s to compete with Unity or any other level editor out there, but it can be made portable and easy to install/use. Most likely it would never be as powerful as Unity.

I’ve decided the powerful & future proof tooling of Unity beats out the ease of use & installation of a simple level editor. I just have to make sure the wiki is thorough enough to make the install/setup process easier and provide support :slight_smile:

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I knew the difficulty to make the custom thing was going to be a challenge, but thx I can try it out, I’m just not used to it lol, I’m sure it’ll be good. still what’s the point of disabling the editor this early on?

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I’m still unanswered about why the editor is being disabled so early on in the development of the new one. couldn’t you just disable the editor right before you release the new one, and you could warn people about it before it happens so they don’t loose their levels?

It was released as an experimental tool but had a very short life, it was disabled a few updates ago.

Things are subject to change in the alpha development process as I experiment, see what works, see what doesn’t. I’ve learned a lot in the past year since releasing EA on Steam, and what I’m doing now will get Fragsurf out of alpha and provide a consistent experience going forward.

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thx for saying, I didn’t realize that. ok you don’t have to give any answer, or even reply to this since I’ve made games and it can be impossible to set dates for when thing will be released (I’ll stop bugging you after this), but do you have a rough estimate for when the next update will come out? this year, next year even just that type of thing

No estimate at the moment, but I do expect it sometime this year. I’m really focused on creating a solid game right now, then I will worry about releasing :slight_smile:

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ok thx I’m out of questions

No problem, glad to answer your questions

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